For help specifically relating to our Snag List app, please see here... 


If you are having problems with running an app, please check that you have tried the following:

1) Restart the app.

Try closing the app fully using the instructions below:

iOS: Double-tap the Home button quickly, then holding the app icon until it starts to shake and the cross appears. Press the cross to close the app, then press the Home button and restart the app by pressing it's icon.

Android: Hold the Home button, then open the Task Manager and choosing the Exit button on the relevant app. Then press Home again and restart the app by pressing it's icon.

2) Restart your device.

Restarting your phone will often fix a problem you might be experiencing.

3) Reinstall the app.

If you are still having problems you could try reinstalling the app by first removing it from your phone and then re-downloading it. 

WARNING: Removing an app can cause data associated with that app to be permanently lost.

If all of the above fails to resolve your problem please do not hesitate to email us at