How to make the most of Snag List


Setting a map for a project

Snag List now supports the ability to add a map to a report. To use a map, visit the settings page of your project. Scroll to the bottom and tap the button labelled 'Choose map'. Select an image of your map.

Setting a location for an issue

To mark a location on the map of an issue, go into an issue's details page, scroll to the bottom and tap the button labelled 'Set location'. On the following page, pan and zoom the map to your desired location. Once you're done, tap the back button.

When you view your report, you'll now see a map on the second page with numbered pins. The number of each pin relates to the number of each location.


If you use the theme 'Superlight with Locations,' your report will show a mini-map next to each issue. To adjust the scale of the map, adjust the zoom when setting your location.

Sort Order of Issues

Issues order

Snag list can now order your issues on the report by the person the issue is assigned to or the title of the issue. To sort the issues, select one of the options labeled under the scrollable table of 'Theme Options' below a report preview.

The sorting options are non-descructive and do not change the order of the issues in the issue list, only the report. The order of the issues when sorted maintains the secondary order of the issues in the list.


As well as sorting, it may be useful to break issues assigned to the same person or with the same title onto separate pages. The 'Paginate by sorting' option on the print preview page does this. This option is only available if the Sort-by order is not set to Unsorted.

Project Tags

To help you organise your projects, we now support tags for each project. To tag a project, open the project settings page (the gear icon in the top left) from the project view (list of issues).

Scroll to the bottom of the project settings page and you'll see a text-field. To add a tag, simply type in a tag. Tap on the 'Add' button and it will be applied to this project. To remove a tag, you can click on the 'x' by the listed tab. You can add multiple tags by separating each tag with a space. If you wish to add a multi-word tag, please separate the words with hyphens instead of spaces.

When you return to the project list page, you will no longer see your project. To see the project, tap on one of the tags that you used for your project. The only projects show on the project list page are the untagged projects. The tags act in a similar way to folders with the advantage of allowing a project to appear in many tags at once.


If you are having problems with running an app, please check that you have tried the following:

1) Restart the app.

Try closing the app fully using the instructions below:

iOS: Double-tap the Home button quickly, then holding the app icon until it starts to shake and the cross appears. Press the cross to close the app, then press the Home button and restart the app by pressing it's icon.

Android: Hold the Home button, then open the Task Manager and choosing the Exit button on the relevant app. Then press Home again and restart the app by pressing it's icon.

2) Restart your device.

Restarting your phone will often fix a problem you might be experiencing.

3) Reinstall the app.

If you are still having problems you could try reinstalling the app by first removing it from your phone and then re-downloading it. 

WARNING: Removing an app can cause data associated with that app to be permanently lost.

If all of the above fails to resolve your problem please do not hesitate to email us at