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A little while back we launched Shine – our infographic CV/Resume creator app for iPad. We had spent a long time working on this project, and when Apple told us they were going to feature it on launch we were super excited. It was great to know that they got it. We’d shown it to a lot of people and pretty much all the feedback was good, but you never quite know until it’s out in the wild.

Being featured is a huge bonus and also a bit of a lottery. You can do things to help your chances (like making a really great app, of course!), but unless you are one of the big boys, the chances of being picked are slim. So you can understand our excitement when earlier this month Apple featured Shine again in the US App Store, under a special ‘Grow Your Career’ category.

Around the same time Shine was featured by iPad Today (check it out here) – a popular review & discussion show on TWiT TV. They highlighted exactly the kind of feedback we’ve been getting about Shine so far: they love the app’s concept and the designs, but some people need more flexibility from the CV templates. And that’s good news for us, as it’s something we can address with the next update that we are currently working on. This will include new templates, as well as tweaks to some of the more ‘marmite’ (love it or hate it) sections. For example, we’ll be adding a lot more ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’, but we’ll also give you the ability to create a CV without any dislikes on it. The ‘If I were a…’ section has probably been the most discussed section of the app, and we’ll be adding some alternative options in this area too.

So keep an eye out for the update soon, and if you don’t already have Shine, it is currently on offer at only $4.99 / £2.99 and available from the App Store now.


  1. Michael Belik

    Nice app I bought it.
    But map of Czech Republik not look like map of Czech Republic it is not good joke in CV 🙁

    Thanks for update soon

    1. Rob

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for your comment. We have updated maps for the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia going into the next update (out soon!).


    2. Rob

      Just to let you know that we have submitted an update to Apple with an updated map of the Czech Republic. It should be live in the next 48 hours.

  2. Wayne Bonner

    Just got the app and love it. Demo’d it for my students. Just a couple of thoughts for future updates. The drop down for dates could have future years available so you can show a future or planned completion date. Also options to modify section headers. Perhaps swap out some sections in favour of others. Can’t wait to see updates and added templates. Again, love this app.

    1. Rob

      Thanks Wayne. Your compliments are much appreciated. We are working on releasing an update soon!

  3. Tee

    I bought this app and doesnt work with the most recent update to ipad. How can I get it to work please? Disappointed to say the least.

    1. Rob

      Hi Tee,
      I’ve sent you an email to help get this resolved for you. We are not aware of any issues relating to the latest version of iOS, but we’ll do all we can to get it working for you.

  4. Raf

    no versione for OsX?

    1. Rob

      Not yet I’m afraid. It’s on our radar!

  5. Anders Holmvik

    Need me some new templates……. Killer App!

  6. swissralf

    Nice app, congratulation! What about a german version? Or a version, where users can rename all fields?

    1. Rob

      Thanks! We are currently working on German and Spanish versions which we hope to submit to Apple before the end of the week. Several other languages will follow…

  7. Jarle Petterson

    Very nice app, which I installed some time last year, then removed from iPad, and just recently re-installed. Thing is, though, that it installs version 1.1, with no immediate willingness to update – or allowing for restoring purchases, let alone making in-app purchases.

    Any ideas?

    1. Rob

      Hi Jarle,
      Please could you tell us what device and iOS version you are using and we’ll help get this sorted for you?

      1. Jarle Petterson

        Hi Rob,

        I have it installed on an old iPad 2, running on IOS 7.1.2 (for another week or so).

        Hope that helps.


        1. Rob

          Thanks for the info.
          If you tap the question mark in the bottom right you should see the option to ‘Restore’ your in-app purchases there.
          Please let me know if this doesn’t resolve the issue for you.

  8. Jarle Petterson

    Hello again, Rob,

    That’s just it. Any attempt at restoring purchases is met with the following error message:

    Restoring purchase failed
    There does not appear to be any purchases to restore

    Whereas attempts to even buy the template I want results in:

    Cannnot buy product
    Cannot buy product
    ResumeBundle00To003. Product details have not yet downloaded. Please wait a little while and try again

    Which probably isn’t any wonder, as my Shine installation still remains version 1.1, with no sign of App Store update availability.

    I appreciate your assistance, but it’s puzzling, isn’t it?

    1. Rob

      Please try again Jarle. It should all be working now.
      Sorry for the issues you encountered.

      1. Jarle Petterson

        Thanks a bundle, Rob!

        Granted restoration still doesn’t work, but it appears that a purchase does (so I bought it, although I was under the impression that it was included in original purchase).

        Thanks again!

        1. Rob

          No problem Jarle!
          I think you may have downloaded the app when it was free, which included 1 template with the rest available to buy via IAP. Hence the Restore will only work if you previously bought an IAP.
          People who now buy the app get the templates included in the price (same price as the IAP bundle).
          Hope that makes sense.

          1. Jarle Petterson

            That figures, Rob!

            Chances are the app was indeed free at point of original installation, which accounts for the (immaterial) misunderstanding.

            Thanks aplenty in any event. The app works like a clock, all four templates on board!


          2. Rob

            Great stuff! Glad you are enjoying using it.
            All the best,

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