Rotational Press Kit


Developer: Boluga

Designer: Boluga

Platform: COMING SOON on iPhone & iPad

Price: 99c / 69p

Release Date: TBC

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Discover the latest craze in puzzle games! Rotational is an addictive, fun game that everyone can enjoy, but only the sharpest players can master.

Rotational provides a fresh new twist to block matching games – rather than moving the blocks, you rotate the entire playing field. The aim is to match the falling colours to clear the existing blocks. In order to achieve a higher score you need to create clever combos and generate winning streaks.

But Rotational isn’t all about scoring points. With 3 challenging game modes, the player’s objective varies. Whilst Continuous mode is all about survival and high scores, Puzzle mode tests how quickly you can clear all of the blocks. Then there’s Time Attack – for that fast paced burst of gameplay in the spare 60 seconds you have right now – score as much as you can in exactly 1 minute.

Each game mode has it’s own Leaderboards (via Game Centre), so you can compete against your friends. There are also a bunch of tricky Achievements to unlock, including a few surprises.

Rotational has been created by Boluga specifically for iOS7. As well as influencing it’s visual design, the game takes advantage of Apple’s new Sprite Kit framework.

Rotational costs just 99c / 69p to download and is available as a Universal app for iPhone & iPad running iOS7. Just search for “Rotational” in the AppStore or click here.

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Rotational for iOS7 High Resolution Icon
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[row][span4]iOS Simulator Screen shot 11 Sep 2013 14.41.48[/span4][span4]iOS Simulator Screen shot 11 Sep 2013 14.38.25[/span4][span4]iOS Simulator Screen shot 11 Sep 2013 09.51.12[/span4][/row]

[row][span4]iOS Simulator Screen shot 11 Sep 2013 09.50.34[/span4][span4]iOS Simulator Screen shot 11 Sep 2013 09.49.16[/span4][span4][span4][/row]


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