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1 July, 2014

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From the enchanting Icelandic world of Tulipop comes a fun and quirky ABC app. Inspired by Tulipop’s popular ABC wall posters, the app features Tulipop’s cute characters alongside interactive elements of play. Using the Tulipop ABC app, kids can learn the alphabet by the names of the letters, as well as hearing the phonetic sounds. At the same time, they can interact with fun and humorous animations unique to each letter, encouraging the process of learning through play. Tulipop’s quirky humour is sure to keep kids entertained and leave them wanting to visit the app again and again.


Tulipop ABC represents the first of a series of kids apps based on a partnership between Tulipop and UK-based app developers Boluga. It came about as a result of a chance meeting of the respective company’s founders in early 2014. Boluga founder, Rob Cunningham-Brown explains: “I met Signy and Helga at a trade show in London where they were exhibiting their Tulipop giftware as part of a UK launch. I was there looking for products for our online retail business, but I was immediately struck by the beauty and charm of the Tulipop characters and knew they would be perfect to bring to life through an app.” Tulipop’s creator, Signy Kolbeinsdottir, comments: “We are thrilled to launch our first ever Tulipop app. Seeing my four year old daughter carry her framed Tulipop ABC poster around the living room, pointing to both her favorite Tulipop character and reading out the names of the letters, I was convinced this app was something we had to bring to life. Our goal was to created an app which was in the spirit of Tulipop - quirky, colorful and fun - and I do hope kids will have a blast using it while learning at the same time.”


  • Includes the full English and Icelandic alphabets
  • Teaches both letter names and phonetics
  • Unique interactions and animations to encourage learning through play
  • Featuring the cute, quirky and fun Tulipop illustrations
  • Looks beautiful on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • Based on the popular Tulipop ABC wall poster


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About Tulipop
The world of Tulipop is often described as Iceland’s answer to the finnish Moomins. Created by best friends Signy Kolbeinsdottir, a celebrated illustrator and Helga Arnadottir, a former marketing executive, Tulipop is an quirky and colorful fantasy world with enchanting characters such as Bubble, a shy and dreamy mushroom boy, Gloomy, an adventurous mushroom girl and the intimidating-looking but kind Mr. Tree. Signy and Helga launched Tulipop in 2010 as they had their hearts set on creating a beautiful kids range they would want to buy their own children. An established and popular children's giftware brand in the Icelandic market and Scandinavia, Tulipop was recently launched in the UK. The products featuring Tulipop’s fascinating characters can be found both online and in a growing number of independent children’s boutiques in the UK. More information on Tulipop, our logo, product images and more, are available at tulipop.com.

About Boluga Limited

Boluga is an independent app development studio based in Hampshire, England. Primarily focusing on projects for Apple's iOS platform, Boluga have created successful apps across a broad range of categories, including Books, Business and Games.

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