Shine is your first and most important step to landing your DREAM JOB. Shine graphical CVs and resumes make you stand out from the crowd. Make your beautiful graphical CV or resume, pick from professionally designed layouts and enter your own information. Email and print high resolution print-ready PDFs and images right from your iPad.

An App that makes your resume Shine

‘Shine’ is a new app for iPad that helps you get a new job by creating impactful graphical resumes.

The major hurdle that all job seekers face today is this: employers get hundreds of resumes for every position, so its almost impossible to stand out from the crowd to get an interview. Shine makes graphical resumes that look completely different to the norm, and it’s so simple anyone can use it. Consider also that no employer wants to wade through hundreds of identical boring resumes, so when yours is different, you immediately standout as a strong interview candidate. Shine resumes are also ‘searchable’ (meaning potential employers will easily find keywords) so you instantly have a better chance of being discovered.

An early version of Shine was directly responsible for landing a colleague his current six-figure salary job (he heard after he joined the company that his Shine resume was so impressive that it was circulated round the whole senior management team!), whilst another friend’s Shine resume landed her more interviews in one week that her entire previous 6 months of job hunting.

When you first start the App, don’t expect to see a normal resume builder. It can take a few minutes to get your brain into this new way of presenting your history, but when you start getting positive responses back from potential employers you’ll be glad you did. Once you get your interview, you’re on your own of course!

Shine is available on iPad only (for now) – simply search for “Shine Resumes’ in the AppStore or click here.

Screenshots and further details are available in the press kit.