New designs to make your CV / resume Shine!

Shine Altar Resume Design

Shine has received great reviews from both App Store customers and the Press since it’s launch back in 2013. We’ve also been fortunate enough to have been featured on several occasions by Apple. In that time our range of meticulously-designed, infographic-style resumes have given people that extra little bit of help in standing out from the crowd and landing their dream job.

Each design is carefully crafted to look fantastic, whilst taking into account practical aspects such as the varying lengths of people’s names and companies. It’s no good catching your potential employer’s eye with pretty colours if they can’t make sense of what they are looking at, and Shine ticks both boxes.

One thing we have been asked for is to add to the number of resume templates provided within the app. Well, now we are pleased to announce that with the latest update to Shine there are two brand new designs added and included at no extra cost! All of our existing customers will get these templates for free when they update, and new customers get all 6 templates for the same single price.

The new CV templates are named Altar and Betelgeuse, and we hope you’ll agree that they look the business!

Shine is available for iPad from the Apple App Store.

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