Make your CV Shine!

We are really excited to announce the launch of another first of it’s kind app by Boluga.

Shine is a unique tool for creating beautiful graphical CVs using your iPad to help you land your dream job. In today’s economy there are an increasing number of applicants for every position, and as an employer there can be a deluge of black & white CVs to sift through to try and find the outstanding candidates. Shine helps you stand out by creating stunning CVs that highlight your skills and personality and will help you catch the attention of your potential employer. Of course, once you are invited to interview the rest is down to you!

People have been known to pay as much as $1000 to have their CV professionally designed. Shine, however, is free to download and includes one free template. Further templates are available for only £4.99 / $6.99 each.

Shine is available from the App Store here.


  1. […] spotted a lovely app called Shine that transforms your CV in to an infographic. We like the idea visually and for our creative […]

  2. abid

    Its really great

    1. Rob

      Thank you Abid.

  3. Cyril de Avellar

    Love your app! Easy to use, beatiful and engaging results. Missing though a couple of activities in the like/dislike part, such as ‘running’ or ‘reading’. Maybe in an update?

    1. Rob

      Thank you for your feedback and kind comments. We are planning to extend the list of likes/dislikes in a future update.

  4. Marco Rinaldi

    Excellent application. With it I have finally managed to summarize my CV on a single sheet with all my information and in the best creative way possible. Now that LinkedIIn accepts the placement of images my CV will be a success. As a recommendation only put more infographics options to choose from and I’m pretty sure that you will be a success if you make the app available in other languages

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