Introducing LinnDash

If you run or work for an online retailer you’ve probably heard of some clever software called LinnWorks. LinnWorks provides order and inventory management for your business between multiple channels such as Amazon, eBay, Magento, BigCommerce and many others. web security . It’s a Windows based program that enables you to maintain a single source for your stock levels and processing of orders.


LinnDash provides LinnWorks users with the ability to keep tabs on their consolidated sales whilst away from their PC – something that wasn’t possible before LinnDash came along. And as anyone that runs their own business knows, keeping a close eye on sales, stock and bestselling products is essential.

At a glance, you can see how the last 24hrs sales compare to the previous period – or perhaps you want to compare the last 7 days. You can see your bestselling products, browse individual orders and even check what products have fallen below your minimum stock level.


[/span8][span4]LinnDash Screenshot[/span4][/row]If you’re a LinnWorks user and have an iPhone or iPad, you can check out LinnDash in the Apple App Store now.


  1. Martin

    I like the idea of this app to bridge the gap with Linnworks being Windows based.

    I’m hesitant to pay this much for a fairly limited app, as it appear in the description . Maybe if there was a trial period it may be ‘worth’ it.

    Are there plans to develop this further?

    Nice to see this work being carried out locally.

    1. Rob

      Hi Martin,
      Appreciate your comments, thank you.
      The price of the app is more a reflection of the (very) limited market it is aimed at, rather than it’s features. All I can say is that we use the app ourselves and I check it many times per day, in many different locations, without ever having to boot-up Windows or running LinnWorks. I can understand the initial price seems high, but it is a one-off charge (as opposed to subscription), and we believe the convenience it offers is worth it. If you used the app for the next 2 years it would have cost you just over £2 per month. That’s not a lot in the context of a paid LinnWorks subscription.
      We do have some further features listed for development, but there is no timescale against them at present.

    2. Alex

      I agree with Martin, it is very limited this app and unfortunately there’s been no further developments since this message over two months ago…

      It really does have potential this app Rob and even though I appreciate it’s a small market, it’s still growing and LInnWorks users would definitely all buy this app and pay the price ‘if’ it was given some proper research and development time!

      1. Rob

        Hi Alex,

        Thanks for your feedback.
        We’ve made a couple of significant updates in February that we hope you’ll like. If you have any other feature suggestions please get in touch.


  2. Barney

    I have 3 different linnworks accounts.
    Will the app work with all 3 or with 1 only? I have to know before I buy.

    1. Rob

      Hi Barney,
      LinnDash only supports a single LinnWorks account at present.

      1. Barney

        I will not be able to use it then 🙁 sorry

        1. Rob

          It would be interesting to understand why you use multiple LinnWorks accounts so that we can try and work out how many other people might have this arrangement. We could then look at adding support for multiple accounts to LinnDash. Please feel free to email us rather than reply to this thread if you prefer.

  3. Robert Craig

    Does this app have the ability to check Inventory yet? We spoke to someone from Linnworks last summer who said they were working on that feature.

    If it hasn’t been made a feature yet, and idea if when this app will show inventory stock levels.

    1. Rob

      LinnDash includes a Low Inventory view (by Stock Location), but it doesn’t allow you to check your entire stock at the moment.

  4. Paul

    Can you use LinnDash to mark orders as despatched?

    1. Rob

      Hi Paul,
      LinnDash is purely a tool for viewing your LinnWorks data – it has no editing or processing capabilities.
      All the best,

  5. Paula

    Any chance this will be on android soon, or even for PC as I find it very useful as a snapshot of what is happening I could do with it in the office too, as it is far more straight forward than Linnworks.

    1. Rob

      Hi Paula,

      Thanks for your comment.
      Unfortunately we don’t have any plans for an Android or PC version right now.


  6. Paula

    Is there any way of making it work without having to have my PC running at the same time?

    1. Rob

      Hi Paula,
      That’s exactly why we made LinnDash for iOS – you don’t need to have your Windows machine running LinnWorks for LinnDash to work.

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