Fun Felt Games Released Today

Fun Felt Games is a fun and educational set of mini-games we’ve been working on between projects for some time. It’s aimed at pre-school kids aged 5 and under, and was developed with 3 key objectives:

  1. The app should follow accredited teaching methods, particularly with regards to phonics. We consulted with UK education professionals throughout the development process.
  2. Due to the target age group of the app, we wanted it to be priced simply at 69p/99c, with absolutely no Ads or In-App Purchases. We want parents to be able to hand over the app to their child without worrying about what they might press.
  3.  We also wanted the price to represent good value for money – hence the inclusion of 3 game-types, each with 3 variations. We could have easily launched these as 3 separate apps, but that just didn’t seem right. The games aren’t particularly technically challenging from a development point of view, but that enabled us to focus on the educational aspect whilst keeping it fun and light-hearted.

Fun Felt Games is a Universal app, so your child can enjoy it on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad for a single purchase.

If your child plays it please let us know your feedback – we’d love to hear from you, either in the comments below or via an App Store review.

  Palucubezhay .

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