Whether working out your profit, handling tax, or converting between currencies, Wedge Business Calculator makes complicated calculations simple.

No longer do you have to remember the formula for adding sales tax to your selling price. No more errors in working out your true margins. And you’ll never have to estimate a currency conversion again. Wedge provides one-touch shortcuts to all of these functions and more. Plus, they are all fully customisable. You can set the default tax rate for your country or region, and can override the live exchange rates that Wedge downloads for you automatically.

Wedges features include:

  • Fully functional calculator
  • Tax and VAT calculations made simple
  • Quickly calculate Profit Margin, Cost and Selling prices
  • Powerful currency converter, including:
  • Live download of currency conversion rates
  • Override conversion rates with your custom values
  • Convert between 90+ currencies
  • Keeps a record of your workings (currently iPhone & iPad only)
  • Works on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Would you like to write about the upcoming release of Wedge for the Apple Watch? If so, please visit the Press Page for more information and downloads.

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